From Dr. Robert Michael Pyle

June 25, 2018

A Butterfly Conservatory on the North Oregon Coast? What an exciting idea! I have visited butterfly houses from Victoria to Kelowna, from Houston to Manhattan, from New England to New Guinea, and I know a good one when I see it. The conservatory envisioned by Butterflies Forever will be a good one--one of the best!

The tropical butterflies reared for display in butterfly houses are often enhanced in the wild by habitat protection and release of adults into native habitat. The income from sales of pupae helps to support local village economies. Species employed are scrupulously screened so that no rarities or at-risk species are affected. The insects on display enjoy longer, more protected lives than their relatives in the wild. And in the process, they reinforce the love of butterflies .among their visitors and admirers, and along with it, the heartfelt desire to protect their habitats and lifeways, both locally and on the larger environmental scene.

As a butterfly conservationist for more than fifty years, I know the special sparkle that comes into children's eyes when they make close contact with one of these shimmering creatures, perhaps for the first time ever. From that moment of magical connection may come a life-long love of small-scale life, and a whole environmental ethic. We here on the North Coast are gifted with some very special butterflies in our woods and fields, but thanks to our generously moist climate and our forest cover, not a great many of them. My hope is that by having their eyes opened to the wonder and beauty of butterflies through the splendors of the butterfly conservatory, folks may go forth more observant of our native species, and all the more inclined to do what needs to be done to help them to flourish in their own yards and neighborhoods.

I deeply enjoyed Butterflies Forever's temporary butterfly exhibition in Seaside some years ago, and missed it when it finished. Now I am very excited by the prospect of a permanent Butterfly Conservatory near Astoria. The Hazelett’s are very experienced in this practice, and they are just the ones to bring such a wonder into our midst. Please support Butterflies Forever to the extent you are able, and get ready to enjoy the fruits of this long devotion. Your children will thank you!

Bob Pyle
Gray's River, Washington

Dr. Robert Michael Pyle
Author, Audubon Society Field Guide to the Butterflies of North America, Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest, Chasing Monarchs, etc.
Founder of the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation
Honorary Life Fellow, The Royal Entomological Society

Mission:  Live butterflies living in a glass enclosed garden habitat

 to enjoy, inspire, educate.

New Butterfly Conservatory!


Just imagine on a grey rainy fall or winters day you could be walking through a lush tropical garden with a thousand live butterflies fluttering all around, butterflies from Asia, the Philippians, Africa, the Caribbean, Florida and more!


What a wonderful and exciting new exhibit this will be for Oregon.


How soon we can open will depend on the community support, finding our permanent location and donations. 

Your help is needed TODAY!  

Plans for the permanent glass enclosed, lighted and heated conservatory planned for 1,000 butterflies from around the World, flying in the garden enjoying the flowers.

5,000 square feet of inside garden

Check this Web Site for all things Lepidoptera!

"In the end, we will conserve only that which we love,

we will love only that which we understand,

and we will understand only that which we are taught."

The African Conservationist, Baba Dioum