With your help it will happen again!

Our Journey


Who would have thought twenty years ago when Hank and I started on this journey we would have so many challenges, friends and yes successes.


Even though today I sit in my home office, as I did twenty five years ago when writing some of those first letters, we have come far in the journey to bring a wonderful exhibit to Oregon. Do I regret the journey? No, it has been long and at times very draining both for our personal finances and energy. But remembering the years of the Seaside butterfly garden I continue striving to bring a more permanent exhibit to life.

Seaside although not perfect was successful in many, many

ways. People forget that it was planned as a 2-3 year temporary exhibit, it was never planned to be permanent. We had huge growth in attendance and the butterflies were happy and lived full lives in the garden. The garden grew to be beautiful on it's own and I still miss walking through after closing for the day, it was my time to enjoy the butterflies even though they were usually at rest for the night by then.

The many photographs that were given to us during those three years tell the story of how many lives we touched with the exhibit. People of all ages were drawn to the garden, many by the children in the family but it was many times the adults (Dad's especially) that were the last to leave.

Bringing that vision back to life is what Butterflies Forever continues to work toward. We need your support in this mission. If you enjoyed time in the garden with the butterflies and/or would like to see another exhibit flourish to life in Oregon I encourage you to send us a donation today. Yes money is what makes these wonderful visions possible.

We continue to work toward a permanent butterfly conservatory that can teach about butterflies from around the World, why they live where they do and who raises them for our exhibit.

Fancifully fluttering butterflies flitting from flower to flower inspire joy and wonder.

This represents safe ground for the news that each person must undertake to preserve the foundations of life on our planet.

You can start today by sending a donation to further our creation of Oregon's only permanent butterfly conservatory.


If I close my eyes - I can see the butterflies flying in the garden!

Debra Hazelett, Executive Director